Tonight I was reading "the five people you meet in heaven".  I haven't finished
reading this book since half year ago. I'm still on the way that the main character
met the 4th person, his wife.
There is one passage that touched me so much tonight.  I'm not sure if you can
realize my feeling and emotion, but I'd like to share with you.
He was looking at his wife, his dead wife, his young wife, his missing wife,
his only wife, and he didn't want to look anymore.
"Oh God, Marguerite," he whispered. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. I can't say.
I can't say.  I can't say."
He dropped his head into his hands and he said it anyhow, he said what everyone says.
"I missed you so much"
She took his other hand then.  He felt the melting warmth.
Perhaps you can't feel what I felt as you didn't know what's happening with the main character.
I'm just talking to myself. I'm looking for the hands that can give me the melting warmth.
Some of you know me.
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